Car Stereo Systems

Choosing a car stereo might seem like a straightforward job, but with so many styles, makes and price ranges on the market, ensuring that you choose the right one for your needs can be a nightmare.

Car stereo systems can cost as little as fifty pounds or as much as a thousand; it all depends whether you're happy with a basic CD and MP3 player or if you're looking to impress with a double din car stereo that incorporates a screen, DVD player and satellite navigation. But, even if you know what gizmos and gadgets your car requires, you've still got to find a stereo with the right 'look'.

So what is the right car stereo for you?

If you're a casual driver who mostly uses their car to get to and from work with the occasional supermarket trip thrown in, there probably isn't much point splashing the cash on the latest and greatest stereo. And if like many of us, the morning radio is your accompaniment to work, you are not going to benefit from a powerful sound system.

However, you might be someone who needs to blast the music for a morning wake up call. In this case a quality car stereo may be in order. You also might want to consider upgrading your cars speakers, or even fitting a subwoofer. Though don't be tempted by double din car stereo gimmicks; if there's rarely anyone but yourself in the car, it's not often that you'll find use for an in-car DVD player, and if you rarely travel off the beaten track, a GPS system is going to be pretty pointless too.

Alternatively, perhaps you're somebody who regularly travels long haul, and often has friends and family in tow. This is when more expensive car stereo systems really show their worth.

If you've got young children, you're probably more than familiar with the repeated drone of 'are we there yet'. Bored children can be a nightmare on long journeys, but a favourite film will quickly keep them quiet leaving you to concentrate on the driving. Similarly, if you're often travelling to unknown lands, the GPS systems that are now incorporated into many higher priced car stereo systems can be a godsend, ensuring that you arrive at your destination on time rather than spending many frustrating hours believing you've passed that same tree three times already....

There is one other point worth considering when choosing the right car stereo for you: theft. While many car stereos can be removed while the car is not in use, a lot of models cannot. Where does your car get parked at night? Is it in a secure garage or do you have to leave it on the street? And how often is your car likely to be left in other locations where it could be easily targeted? Car stereos can be a valuable steal for any thief, and if your car is constantly left at risk, you don't want an expensive, attractive car stereo to be on display to passing criminals.


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